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Nothing is simply what it seems. I share my experiences as a Dominican/American in his mid-20's.


I’ve been thinking and thinking and thinking some more. I have material in my head that could be worth sharing. Currently trying to build my following and become acknowledged as a writer. I love sports and write for, but I have interests outside of sports I can’t share on this website. 

CASH MONEY! Drew Brees gets guap! 
Durant scratches his balls as he giggles at the effort from the Dominican Republic in last night’s exhibition game


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Kobe takes shot at Dream Team. Barkley responds. 
Woodson says Knicks will sign Jeremy Lin
Did Silva get lucky on Saturday against Sonnen? Read article by Elliot O.
Bynum moving to Magic? Interesting tweet posted earlier today by the Los Angeles Lakers’ center. Click pic to read article. 
Dwight Howard still likes New Jersey as a place to land. Click link to read more. 
Roger Federer wins. 
Roger Federer is almost decapitated by Andy Murray in Wimbledon Final. Check out livestream of action. 
Live Stream Sonnen vs. Silva
Is LeBron holding the trophy like that because he is practicing how to hold his love child? 

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Add two more to the collection. LeBron James now a complete player